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Water spray!

I used to love Chemistry back at school. We had an amazing teacher who was so good he almost made me put Chemistry as my most favorite subject at school. The following year he left, and my relationship with chemistry has been rocky ever since. Pity, as it'd really help me now. I am trying to compare the two bottled thermal water !!! *whoooot?* I know, sound a bit...weird. But oh well...let's give it a try.
I noticed how "beauty-insiders" or "beauty-professional" always claim they have a bottle of water spray with them whenever they go, and frankly speaking, in this hot humid weather I am living in, your skin will become this beauty-pro and scream "GET A BOTTLE", too! So I went and bought one, and wow, did I ever fall in love this quick?! This is amazing. I use this at the office (air conditioning equals dehydrated skin!) and whenever I am out in the sun. It feels like breeze immediately after I spray it on. I can feel how my skin is loving it!! Another good use I found is to spray it on my face after cleansing. It acts like a toner, but doesn't dry out the skin as much. I apply my moisturizer right away when my skin is still damp, and it feel so soft and moisturized. Overall, love love love.
Now different brands have different types. I've not used many, but I am on my second bottle, and the effect from different brands are absolutely different. So let's see...
Avene Thermal Water Spray vs Evian Facial Spray
First of all, I love them both, both are good in their own way, yet they are quite different. Evian spray really strong, and it feels like a mini spa on your face, and by the time water touches your skin it is like water steam. Very convenient for a moisturizer afterwards. Or if you have make up on, it won't really mess it.
The Avene one is more watery, it almost feel like splashing your face with water. So it's not for when you have your make up on and you have to let it dry up a bit if you want to apply moisturizer afterwards. The good thing though is that Avene felt more hydrating on my skin.

So that's about it. Pretty long for water comparison, no? lol

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