Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 8, 2011

H&M Haul

We don't have H&M in Vietnam, but instead we have smart business-minded people, who for some service fee will order you H&M or whatever brand you want and get it shipped to Vietnam! The price will adds up a bit, but still reasonable priced compared to some shops here.
So one fine afternoon, I placed an order. And after about three weeks, I got my order! This timing supposedly is for H&M only, as they are very slow with shipping, apparently if you order other brands it's much more efficient.
So here's what I got:
I love this jumpsuit!! It's so chic! I first noticed it on youtube, lovestylebeauty was doing an haul video and showed this, I didn't really pay much attention, but somehow it did stuck in my head! hehe Well, after browsing through and I was gradually falling in love with it. It looked so chic, like a maxi dress but much more interesting and unique.
It didn't disappoint in real, the material is light, and it feels comfortable on, especially in this hot weather. The color is pale peachy coral, and will look absolutely amazing on tanned skin.
It is very sexy with a low cut neckline. It's this grown up image of sophistication. I cannot wait to wear it to the beach with my Accessorize sandals and a straw hat (which I don't have, btw!). The jumpsuit has been sold out on their website, so head over to ebay if you want it.

Another thing I got is this colorful beaded necklace, which will look nice with a white dress I think. It's very DYI-vibe, and I am sure some talented girl could just make it herself. I am not that good, unfortunately, so I went the easy way.
I really like it. Very summery.

I also got a bracelet, but the picture was so bad, I won't be putting it up here, I will wait till I wear it, so till next time.

Overall, I am happy with this order. The fact that we do not have H&M mean higher price (boo hoo!), but a good thing is that not many people will be rocking this! Happy Happy Happy!!!

Rick Genest - Yay or Nay?!

Just saw a post on him on JouJou Villeroy and immediately had to run over to post something about him on my own blog.
I am actually not a big fan of tattoos, I find them pretty cute and stylish sometimes, but I won't be rushing to get one anytime soon, that's for sure. Well, it's actually more like I don't think I will EVER get a tattoo. Never say never though. However, I have to admit that this shoot with Rick Genest is pretty fascinating. He's so wrong, it makes him right. If you know what I mean. I don't envy his girlfriend though, I wouldn't want to sleep next to him. Scary scary scary!! But I applaud his braveness and unique style! It would be really scary to watch him grow older, as sagging skin and tattoos don't exactly work together.

PS. He reminds me of the movie Beastly which I watched recently. The movie is so boring, I just couldn't finish it or maybe I had just outgrown fairy tale movies about a beauty (Vanessa Hudgens) and a beast.

Kate Moss for Vogue

I've never been a fan of Kate Moss really. I do admire her style and some editorials, but that's about it. Never a big fan. Won't say I am one now, but I was absolutely in awe of her recent Vogue cover. It's the September issue of US Vogue in 2011. We all know how September issues are the IT issues of the magazine year and this is such a gorgeous cover!! Kate Moss looks absolutely amazing. It's one of my favorite magazine cover in a long time.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant

I am a big big fan of Lisa Eldridge. Her tutorials are a pleasure to watch and I always learn so much from them. Now in her skincare video, she talks about using lactic acid as an exfoliant and the whole idea seems brilliant. In short, Lactic acid is an exfoliant that will go deep into your skin and clean it from within, and do it very gently, so you are not likely to experience purging. Lactic acid and more famous Glycolic acid are AHA, but Lactic acid is more gentle and hence more recommended. I never really knew the chemical side of skincare and makeup, but the idea of using non-harsh and non-abrasive way to remove dead skin cells is absolutely perfect. Because removing dead skin cells is a key to a good skin.
And Lactic acid is the main ingredient in Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, so I rushed to the Dermalogica Store (thank god, we have them widely available here) and bought the Gentle cream exfoliant. I absolutely loved it. It is a cream consistency, so I apply it to my dry face after cleansing for about fifteen minutes. When applied, it doesn't feel irritating or tingling as with other masks and it won't be drying, so you have to set your clock to fifteen minutes, otherwise you won't really know when to remove it.
After washing off with warm water, my skin felt instantly smooth and fresh. The tiny bumps that I had on my face actually disappeared, skin felt more even. It was a godsend. I loved loved loved it. It became a staple in my skincare regimen. I use it religiously twice a week.
However, the down side is that after several weeks (and while still being on my first bottle), I realized it's no longer working for me. My skin had a period of looking its absolute worst (because of my skincare obsession and constant testing out), but the Gentle Cream Exfoliant didn't do anything and didn't help to unclog pores. I am very sad about it. It's running out (with 2-3 uses left) and I am still on the hunt for an alternative to it.

Water spray!

I used to love Chemistry back at school. We had an amazing teacher who was so good he almost made me put Chemistry as my most favorite subject at school. The following year he left, and my relationship with chemistry has been rocky ever since. Pity, as it'd really help me now. I am trying to compare the two bottled thermal water !!! *whoooot?* I know, sound a bit...weird. But oh well...let's give it a try.
I noticed how "beauty-insiders" or "beauty-professional" always claim they have a bottle of water spray with them whenever they go, and frankly speaking, in this hot humid weather I am living in, your skin will become this beauty-pro and scream "GET A BOTTLE", too! So I went and bought one, and wow, did I ever fall in love this quick?! This is amazing. I use this at the office (air conditioning equals dehydrated skin!) and whenever I am out in the sun. It feels like breeze immediately after I spray it on. I can feel how my skin is loving it!! Another good use I found is to spray it on my face after cleansing. It acts like a toner, but doesn't dry out the skin as much. I apply my moisturizer right away when my skin is still damp, and it feel so soft and moisturized. Overall, love love love.
Now different brands have different types. I've not used many, but I am on my second bottle, and the effect from different brands are absolutely different. So let's see...
Avene Thermal Water Spray vs Evian Facial Spray
First of all, I love them both, both are good in their own way, yet they are quite different. Evian spray really strong, and it feels like a mini spa on your face, and by the time water touches your skin it is like water steam. Very convenient for a moisturizer afterwards. Or if you have make up on, it won't really mess it.
The Avene one is more watery, it almost feel like splashing your face with water. So it's not for when you have your make up on and you have to let it dry up a bit if you want to apply moisturizer afterwards. The good thing though is that Avene felt more hydrating on my skin.

So that's about it. Pretty long for water comparison, no? lol

Classic - Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel

Even if you’re not a skincare junkie, you’d probably seen this yellow bottle somewhere. The bottle is pretty classic and so is the content. The moisturizer is very basic, but yet very effective. I have very sensitive skin, but my skin didn’t react to this product at all and it made my skin soft and dewy. It is suitable for a hot and humid climate I live in. The gel formula is light and doesn’t feel greasy. It sink right in and you can touch your face afterwards and it feels amazing. However, it would probably be not moisturizing enough if your winter is harsh and exceptionally drying on your skin. My advice would be to spray some water onto your face to dampen the skin, and apply a moisturizer after that. I love doing so myself. I use the Avene Thermal Water Spray after thoroughly cleansing my face. I love the sensation it gives me. I would probably write a separate post on it.

I heard the gel formula is more popular (meaning it has higher rating on MUA), but also it is more expensive (I think). My then fiance picked this up for me in Europe and it cost like 30 euros, I can't really remember exactly. So, like with any Clinique products, get your hands on them in the US if you can, because they are much cheaper there.

Also, opt for a pump version, it's more hygienic and convenient to use. If I wasn't really into checking out different skincare brands, I would definitely repurchase this.

Thứ Năm, 4 tháng 6, 2009

Fashionable Tivo

Every once in a while I would go to some busy streets and watch as people go about their daily business, checking out their outfits (usually girls, but sometimes guys would be caught in my imaginary lens, too). Some looks would inspire, some I’d frown upon, think of ways to improve or make it more interesting. Ummm, how much did I enjoy it. I believe many people do too, or why do we have so many streetstyle blogs then?

Ever since my return to Vietnam, this stopped. Frankly speaking, street style is non existent here. Or at least, not enough for me to dedicate my time watching it.

And that’s when I discovered the world of “fashionable tv-shows” (or FTS), that is the shows that I watch mainly because of their fashion.

This week Lauren Conrad will bid farewell to the Hills and to mark the end of the whole era (she started this craze for me), here I am listing some of my favorite “FTS” of the moment:

1/ The Hills.

First place, because it was the first [show I watched]. To be honest, no matter how fake & unreal people say it is, I still enjoy it. It’s probably the less scripted of all tv-shows on MTV. The fashion is nothing special though, but most of the time they look pretty decent and all of that create that beautiful overal picture. Just don’t try to look for a particular interesting look.

And Lauren is a darling. We will miss you!

2/ The City. NYC’s version of The Hills’ [LA] by same old MTV. The show is so fake, and the main character, Whitney, is boring and lacking personality I can hardly watch it. But I still do. Why? Because the styling is incredible. The girls are stunning, and their outfits once again prove why NYC is considered the fashion capital of the US.
Funny how Whitney can look incredible on the show and horrendous in real life candids.

3/Gossip girl is based on bestsellers series by Cecily von Ziegesar and follows lives of NYC’s Upper East Side teenagers. The plot is all that high school drama that we’ve all been through. But unlike us with our high school fashion style of casual t-shirt and jeans, these teenagers have access to all the trendy luxury brands. And do they take full advantage of this? Surely, who wouldn't? Prada, Valentino, Hermes, Vuitton are among the brands that appeared on the show. The teens (or their stylists) can teach us a thing or two about fashion and style. And before you knew it, you’re hooked. “cuz you know you love me xoxo gossip girl” (that’s how each episode ends! Hehe)

4/ Sex and the city. As Vanessa Williams would’ve agreed with me, Save the best for last. The classic, who can compete with Carrie and all of her ups and downs, insecurities, Mr Big and Manolos? Or how about Charlotte with her faith in love and happy ending no matter how tough life could be? Or Samantha the sex bomb? And let’s not forget the career-oriented Miranda? I happen to think that if these characteristics were rolled into one, that would be one ideal woman. But that way, life would be too boring and men will all run away and that’s why we need 4 of them. Every single one of them.

Oh and as about fashion, I guess even if they were wearing some crap, I’d still be hooked. Or not? Luckily the series were styled by legendary now Patricia Field, which is already the key to success.

I actually wanted to make it up to 5, because to be honest 5 sounds better than 4, 4 is like unfinished list. But I just couldn't think of the fifth show to put on this list, so maybe it's "not so bad and I am not so addictive to tivo". But if you can think of some other stylish show, lemme know!