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Classic - Clinique Dramatically different moisturizing gel

Even if you’re not a skincare junkie, you’d probably seen this yellow bottle somewhere. The bottle is pretty classic and so is the content. The moisturizer is very basic, but yet very effective. I have very sensitive skin, but my skin didn’t react to this product at all and it made my skin soft and dewy. It is suitable for a hot and humid climate I live in. The gel formula is light and doesn’t feel greasy. It sink right in and you can touch your face afterwards and it feels amazing. However, it would probably be not moisturizing enough if your winter is harsh and exceptionally drying on your skin. My advice would be to spray some water onto your face to dampen the skin, and apply a moisturizer after that. I love doing so myself. I use the Avene Thermal Water Spray after thoroughly cleansing my face. I love the sensation it gives me. I would probably write a separate post on it.

I heard the gel formula is more popular (meaning it has higher rating on MUA), but also it is more expensive (I think). My then fiance picked this up for me in Europe and it cost like 30 euros, I can't really remember exactly. So, like with any Clinique products, get your hands on them in the US if you can, because they are much cheaper there.

Also, opt for a pump version, it's more hygienic and convenient to use. If I wasn't really into checking out different skincare brands, I would definitely repurchase this.

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