Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 8, 2011

Gentle Cream Exfoliant

I am a big big fan of Lisa Eldridge. Her tutorials are a pleasure to watch and I always learn so much from them. Now in her skincare video, she talks about using lactic acid as an exfoliant and the whole idea seems brilliant. In short, Lactic acid is an exfoliant that will go deep into your skin and clean it from within, and do it very gently, so you are not likely to experience purging. Lactic acid and more famous Glycolic acid are AHA, but Lactic acid is more gentle and hence more recommended. I never really knew the chemical side of skincare and makeup, but the idea of using non-harsh and non-abrasive way to remove dead skin cells is absolutely perfect. Because removing dead skin cells is a key to a good skin.
And Lactic acid is the main ingredient in Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, so I rushed to the Dermalogica Store (thank god, we have them widely available here) and bought the Gentle cream exfoliant. I absolutely loved it. It is a cream consistency, so I apply it to my dry face after cleansing for about fifteen minutes. When applied, it doesn't feel irritating or tingling as with other masks and it won't be drying, so you have to set your clock to fifteen minutes, otherwise you won't really know when to remove it.
After washing off with warm water, my skin felt instantly smooth and fresh. The tiny bumps that I had on my face actually disappeared, skin felt more even. It was a godsend. I loved loved loved it. It became a staple in my skincare regimen. I use it religiously twice a week.
However, the down side is that after several weeks (and while still being on my first bottle), I realized it's no longer working for me. My skin had a period of looking its absolute worst (because of my skincare obsession and constant testing out), but the Gentle Cream Exfoliant didn't do anything and didn't help to unclog pores. I am very sad about it. It's running out (with 2-3 uses left) and I am still on the hunt for an alternative to it.

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